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Roland SPACE ECHO RE-201

ご覧いただきありがとうございますrrテープ・エコーの名機、ローランドスペースエコーRE-201、ヴィンテージ機材となります。rr家族が使用していた物で、押し入れに眠っていたものです。r製品について知識はございません。写真が全てとなります。rr現状は電源は入り、テープはスムーズに流れていました。r年代物のため、錆や傷などは見受けられます。自宅保管品になるため、ご理解いただき大切にしてくださる方にお譲りいたします。少しでも気になる方、完璧を求める方はご遠慮ください。NC . NRでお願いします。即買いOKです。rご理解いただける方のみご購入をお願いします。r発送はらくらくメルカリ便を予定しています。rお届け日(時間)の指定も賜ります。r購入後のメッセージよりお知らせください。#RoladSPACEECHORE201#Rolad#SPACEECHO#テープエコー#ヴィンテージ機材#希少#名機#エフェクター#坂本慎太郎 #ゆらゆら帝国
  • 商品のサイズ:
  • ブランド: ローランド
  • 商品の状態: 傷や汚れあり
  • 配送料の負担: 送料込み(出品者負担)
  • 配送の方法: らくらくメルカリ便
  • 発送元の地域: 神奈川県
  • 発送までの日数: 2~3日で発送

Roland RE-201 Space Echo Tape Delay / Reverb | Reverb

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo is a tape echo effect unit featuring a built-in spring reverb tank. Manufactured from 1973 to 1988, the RE-201 runs a loop of magnetic tape across several tape heads to create its distinctive analog echo.

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Roland RE-201 - Wikipedia

The Roland RE-201, commonly known as the Space Echo, is an audio effects unit that produces delay and reverb effects. It was produced by the Roland Corporation from 1974 to 1990. Contents 1 Background 2 Other Roland tape echo units 2.1 RE-100 2.2 RE-200 2.3 RE-101 2.4 RE-150 2.5 RE-301 2.6 RE-501 / SRE-555 3 References 4 External links

Roland - The Roland RE-201 Space Echo Story

One of the earliest examples is the Roland RE-201 Space Echo, a combination tape echo and reverb introduced in 1974. While Roland didn’t invent the tape echo itself, they took a fragile and often unreliable technology and turned it into something robust and roadworthy and the RE-201 immediately became the touring and recording studio standard in portable tape echo.

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo Story - Roland Resource Centre

The RE-201 was an engineering masterpiece. It featured a sophisticated tape-echo effect and a built-in spring reverb, with different sound variations selectable via 12 different operating modes. Front-panel controls included repeat rate (echo length), intensity (number of echo repeats), and separate levels for echo and reverb.

The strange, enduring magic of the Roland RE-201 Space Echo

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo features 12 modes, each selectable via a 12-position rotary knob. Labelled Repeat (without reverb), modes 1 to 3 engage tape heads 1 to 3 respectively, while mode 4 enables heads 2 and 3. Labelled Reverb Echo, modes 5 to 11 offer the full range of tape head combinations along with reverb.

Roland RE-201 Space Echo | Vintage Synth Explorer

The Roland RE-201 Space Echo is truly a Vintage (1973) piece of music technology with lots of appeal even today. It's not a synth, but a Tape-Echo machine for creating true analog echo effects. The RE-201 is a simple system in which a small loop of tape records an incoming signal and immediately plays the recorded sound back over a couple playback heads before being erased over by new incoming

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Roland SPACE ECHO RE-201

Roland SPACE ECHO RE-201