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The specifications of the Bose 301 series iii It has 9.75 inches h, 14.25 inches w, 9.75 inches depth, and a power source of 10 watts to 150 watts. The woofer has a diameter of 6.5 inches, and the diameter of the tweeter is 2.5 inches. Pros For some, the Bose 301’s best feature is its horizontal shape, which fits well on any home bookshelf.

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For a small box, the 301 III series can deliver a whopping 150 watts. This is good for those who have limited space.. While they are touted as direct reflecting speakers, this is an advertising stunt and as far as I am concerned, they don't image well at all. Personally, I think they are way over priced.

Bose 301 Series III Direct Reflecting Home Bookshelf Speakers

Altavoces 301® Serie III. Vendido desde 1991 - 1996. Busca en nuestro repositorio de guías de productos, instrucciones y solución de problemas. Solo escribe tu solicitud a continuación.

Bose model 301 Series III 3 Direct Reflecting Bookshelf Black Speaker SystemSpecs:1-8"(20 cm) woofer 2-3"(7.6 cm) tweetersNominal Impedance: 8 OhmsPower Rati